Coming Soon: Bolero Pad Featuring a new innovative Internet of Things (iOT) solution. We've been busy and will soon be introducing over 30+ new wifi and cellular sensor capabilities to our solution. Check back for more details.

Bolero Wireless offers simple to use, out of the box GPS Tracking Solutions, Sensors and Web-Based Business Intelligence applications to companies and individuals who are looking for solutions to "GPS track" individual vehicles as well as fleets of vehicles in the field. Bolero offers complete Fleet Management, GPS Tracking and M2M (machine-to-machine) hardware and software based solutions to our customer base.

//GPS Tracking Options

Bolero Wireless introduces 3 new Vehicle GPS Tracking Services designed to be more user friendly and available directly businesses and consumers alike! Whether you have 1 vehicle or a fleet of vehicles you want to monitor, the Bolero GPS Tracking solution provides the the right solution at the right price. We provide simple installation instructions to make GPS vehicle tracking easy and affordable.

//Easy Installation, Plug-and-Play!

Bolero offers two versions of the GPS Tracker; The Bolero GPS Tracker and the Bolero Plug-And-Play GPS Tracker. The Bolero GPS Tracker is a simple 3-wire installation and can be installed directly into the vehicle's fuse panel. The Bolero Plug-and-Play GPS Tracker is for those buyers who want a simple installation using no tools. Simply plug it into any standard 12 volt cigarette lighter of your vehicle and start tracking the vehicle instantly. The Bolero Plug-and-Play GPS Tracker can be easily moved from one vehicle simply and easily.

//Tow Alerts!

Every Bolero GPS Tracking unit comes pre-configured with tow alerts. These tow alerts are triggered when the unit detects that the vehicle is moving with the ignition off. In the following diagram, we can see and pinpoint exactly where the vehicle is at all times, even that the thief is speeding indicated by the red GPS points on the map. The Red push-tack on the diagram indicates the current location of the perpetrator.

GPS Trip View

//Easy to Use Real-time Website

A complete easy to use Web-Enabled portal is included with each GPS Tracker or M2M product purchased and is automatically integrated with the Bolero Live! back end. Using the Bolero Live! Web-portal, you can easily monitor your equipment, tanks and track your commercial vehicles using GPS and an easy to use web-based user interface.

The Bolero Live! Portal can be branded using your logo and can be configured to allow your operations manager to manage all aspects of your operation.


Bolero GPS Tracking Benefits

//Real-Time Vehicle Location Maps

By subscribing to the Bolero Live! portal, you will instantly have access to the real-time location of your fleet on a consolidated map with the simple click of a mouse button. The Vehicle/Fleet Location map is useful for pinpointing the exact location of your fleet, coordinating emergency pick-up/drop off requests, helping drivers navigate to specific locations and a host of other uses. Simple click on the Vehicle Location button to instantly pinpoint current vehicle/fleet locations in real time 24/7.

GPS Tracking

//GPS Tracking

With two clicks of the mouse, the Bolero Live Portal allows you to view each Trip made by the driver including where the vehicle trip started and where the vehicle trip ended.

GPS Tracking

//Vehicle Report Statistics

The Bolero GPS Tracking solution includes the addition of powerful Vehicle Usage reports. This allows operators to get a better overview of how the company vehicles are being used, when and for how long and for how many kilometers/miles. Allows you to monitor weekend trips, trips after business hours, speed alerts over a pre-set value and excessive vehicle Idling.

For Sales People on the road, these Vehicle Statistics Reports prove invaluable to back up expense reports and report tax deductible vehicle usage statistics.

Generating a Vehicle Statistics report is easy! First, select the time period you want to report on using the Trip Summary screen

Vehicle Trip Summary

Then select the Vehicle Statistics Report from the menu options and generate the overall vehicle statistics report.

Vehicle GPS Reports

The report includes all the details you require and reports on each individual trip driven by the driver, 24/7!

Vehicle Report Details

//M2M Event Monitoring

The Event Monitoring module is your window on the data being generated by the wireless solution. In the following screen shot, the impact events of 30 lift trucks are being monitored. The Event Monitoring screen lists the last 7 days of impact event data in an actual plant in North America. As can be seen, the impacts events are few have greatly reduced since the installation.

Event Monitoring

The input events on the Bolero Live! hardware are many and varied and as such, we have found that the solution can be integrated into any type of machine monitoring applications including:

  • Equipment GPS Location;
  • Equipment Utilization (On/Off);
  • Forklift Monitoring;
  • Tank Monitoring;
  • Impact Monitoring;
  • Vehicle Overload;
  • Wireless Counter;
  • Remote Disable Equipment;
  • Alarm or other based monitoring (Up to 5 inputs).
  • etc...

//Event Customization

All Events can be tied to an email or SMS message and is dispatched automatically by the system when the event occurs, alerting your staff or your customers of the this critical data. The Messages and Alerts module can be used to configure what messages should be displayed in the website as well as who or where to send email messages when events do occur that need some form of action.

Messages & Alerts

//Custom Web Based Reports

All event data generated by the system is available as an export to any popular Spreadsheet package like Microsoft Excel. Bolero can build custom web reports for your organization based on your business requirements and the data being captured. These reports once developed, can be sent to a distribution list on a periodic basis determined by the end user (i.e., daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, etc.). An example of some of the customized Web Reports we have built for our clients include:

  • Product Volume Report
  • Impact Alert Report
  • Low Product Alert Report
  • Route Planning Report
  • Daily Sales Report
Impact Recording Trend Sales Impact Trend
Contact Us today to learn more about how a custom reporting solution can be built for your application.

//Additional Benefits

Some of the additional benefits some of our clients have reported after the installation of the Bolero Wireless solution in their organization include:

  • Increased labor efficiency and reduced overtime;
  • Fewer staff (do more with less);
  • Fewer vehicles and less fuel;
  • Larger geographic sales area and service coverage;
  • Value added client services;
  • Better sales representation for national accounts;
  • Error elimination through real time data capture;
  • Mutiple datapoint entry;
  • Real-time client equipment history;
  • Implement effective equipment-based maintenance schedules to reduce downtime;
  • Model various scenarios to determine optimum asset levels and drive decision making.

//Bolero Wireless

Our solutions are targeted at all companies who require Fleet Management, GPS Tracking and Web-based monitoring of fixed assets, remote inventory and equipment in various locations in the plant or out on the road. Our typical client profile includes Fleet Managers, Operational Managers, Safety Experts as well as Equipment Manufacturers looking for a unique competitive advantage.

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+ Wireless GPS/GPRS/GSM Modules and Sensors

We have partnered with many leading industry providers of GPS Tracking units and sensors and offer industrial strength solutions guaranteed to yield useful and actionable data as soon as they are installed.

Bolero prides itself on quality and ensures that each and every solution has been tested and certified by a Quality Control Analyst. In addition, all products offered by Bolero are FCC, UL and PTCRB approved.

To see a list of the Bolero's current hardware offerings and how they can help your organization, click on the button below.

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++ Solid M2M Enabled Network

A machine-to-machine solution is only as reliable as the Network Carrier it is running on. Some Network Carriers are better than others in certain geographical regions.

Bolero has partnered with industry leading Network Carriers and Sim chip providers around the globe that have the strongest and largest geo-graphical coverage in their areas of coverage.

Our products have gone through rigorous testing to ensure they work seamlessly on the network from initial installation to years after it has been installed with little or no maintenance.

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+++ Bolero Live Web Portal!

The Bolero Live! Web-Portal is your window on your M2M connected devices and allows you to view and action the data received from any of your web-connected M2M devices in the field.

Using the Bolero Live! Web-Portal you can instantly see the GPS location of your assets and people you care about in the field, as well as configure and customize the software to meet your needs and to send out Email Alerts when critical events happen in your operation that require immediate attention.

Because Bolero Live! Web-Portal runs on a secure cloud-based architecture, it is instantly available to you 24/7 anywhere on the planet wherever you have a connection to the Internet. There is no need to install and upgrade cumbersome Windows based products.

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//Our Story

Founded in 2007, our Founding Partners had a vision that many industrial, distribution and processing type companies, big and small, could greatly benefit by implementing a GPS Tracking and M2M solution in their organization.

Our market research concluded that it was very difficult for a small to medium sized business to implement a customized GPS Tracking and M2M solution based on their business requirements without specialized Information Technology skills.

Our vision is to help all business big and small to easily implement GPS Tracking and M2M solutions that are cost effective, have good ROI, easy to install and easy to use.

Contact us today to see how an off-the-shelf or customized GPS Tracking and M2M solution can benefit your organization.

About Us

Our Leaders have over 50+ years of combined day-to-day experience in the Software Development, Communication, Commercial, Industrial and M2M sectors.

Our team brings to your project a solid foundation in the fundamentals of M2M application development including a ready to use Web-based Technology solution that will allow you to get to market in the shortest possible time frame with no upfront development costs.

With our cornerstone project completed in 2008, we bring a vision that physical world assets can be easily connected to the Internet and help management by providing GPS tracking and useful measurable and actionable information.

We have forged solid relationships with Industry Leaders, Network Carriers and Industry Experts in the field and we have built a solid reputation and build upon our success with solutions that are flexible, easy to use, easy to install, and more importantly up on the network in seconds.

Why Choose Us

Best Hardware

We have researched many of the available hardware provider's offerings and have performed rigorous tests carefully designed to ensure maximum flexibility for our customers now and in the future. We have selected our hardware vendors based on leading industry expert analysis and our products are all FCC, UL and PTCRB approved and gauaranteed to operate seamlessly in the US, Canada and Mexico. Rest assured that the solution we've selected has been pre-certified on all major telecommunication providers.

Best Network

The key to any GPS and M2M solution offered is the reliability of the network provider. We've been certified on all Network carriers providing services in the US, Canada and Mexico, with valid Sim Chips also available for our European and Asian customers. Contact us for more information.

Best Portal

The Bolero Live! portal easy-to-use and provides valuable Business Intelligence information at the click of a mouse anywhere there is an Internet connection.